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When it comes to auto repair work, whether it’s painting, auto body repair, changing parts, diagnostic or anythingDoing an auto dent repair service else, Precision Finish is the finest auto body shop you’ll find in Colorado Springs, CO and is therefore the only one to trust with your vehicle. Our expert auto repair mechanics and body specialists can restore your vehicle to its original state, and bring back its original look and sound. For those of you who want to upgrade their car, whether its a new look, or an engine tune up, Precision Finish is the best auto shop to visit in Colorado Springs, CO.


At Precision Finish, our experienced auto body technicians can handle your collision repair service and bring your car back to life. Our painters can repaint your vehicle’s damaged area and when they have finished, you won’t there will be nothing to remind you that your car has been in an accident. We have over 11 years of experience in the auto dent repair service business in Colorado Springs, CO and we have seen some interesting things done to vehicles, in the attempt to repair the auto dents.


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 The Sound of Trouble

If you don’t pay attention to the small noises coming from your vehicle, they will get louder over time, and the problem will get worse. Most people who have second hand vehicles have experienced the “squeaking windshield wipers” problem, so they know how annoying it is. If you aren’t sure which the right wipers for your car are, or you don’t know how to replace them, we are here to help. In the Colorado Springs, CO area, you can stop by the Precision Finish auto repair shop and get some professional advice any time you need it. We stock a full line of quality wipers for all makes of vehicles, and we’ll install them at no charge.

Other sounds produced by your car may be louder. This is how your vehicle actually speaks to you – that is why the mechanics of Precision Finish recommend that you try to understand your car’s language because the different types of sounds can be a warning that something needs attention. Some noises can be more serious than others. Before the small shaking or squeaking sounds turn into sputtering or banging, you should visit an auto repair shop to have your car inspected.

Collision Repairs Experts in Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: (719) 201-3948

Major collision repair service is a job that needs to be handled only by a professional auto body shop. But when Wheel diagnostics from an auto body repair mechanicit comes to small dent repairs, some thrifty vehicle owners often try to fix them on their own. This is due to the fact that, unfortunately, many people believe that once they take their vehicle to an auto dent repair service, they will be charged hundreds of dollars for small dent repairs. So, they attempt to fix the problems on their own using information that they have found online.

While there are some small dent repairs that car owners can handle by themselves without causing more damage, most people don’t have the skills and knowledge to handle auto body repairs and can easily make the problems worse when trying to repair them using unprofessional advice or the instructions mentioned above. We have heard some horror stories about car owners attempting to repair their own dents, only to end up making the damage much worse. Fixing a small vehicle issue is easy and doesn’t cost much, but when there is also paint damage involved, the price obviously goes up, and this is what car owners fear most. With us, price is no longer an issue!

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My cousin and I were filming a vine video in which both of our cars had to run very slowly side to side. The idea was to add racing sounds later to the video, but when my cousin saw a deep pothole on the road, he turned to the wrong side, and our vehicles ended up scraping against each other. Although we were doing 5mph, the weight of the cars did some nasty denting and scratching. Both of our cars needed a visit to a professional auto body repair shop - we searched for one right away, and that is how er came across your business. Thank you for doing such a good job, we will definitely come for regular checkups!
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5.0 21 My cousin and I were filming a vine video in which both of our cars had to run very slowly side to side. The idea was to add racing sounds later to the video, but when my cousin sa

Our unequaled expertise and wealth of experience allow us to provide you with a customized service plan. No other local auto shop can provide you with a better auto repairs service than Precision Finish can offer. Other auto shops in Colorado Springs, CO simply cannot match the exceptional quality of our auto repairs services.. So, what exactly do you need? If, by any chance, you need your car fixed or maintained, Precision Finish is the finest firm to approach.

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