Auto Painting Services in Colorado Springs, CO

painting a car

If you’re sick of driving around with a different-colored door panel or want to change the color of your car, Precision Finish is here to help. From hot rods to daily drivers, we’ve provided pristine paint jobs to vehicles of all types for more than a decade now. We’re the experts to call when you demand the finest attention to detail and most complete paint job.

Our team leaves no section of your car unpainted and we don’t cut corners when delivering an exceptional paint job. Unlike other shops that speed through jobs and turn out mediocre results, we take our time—and it shows. No one beats our level of perfection and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone with the skill that our staff brings to the table!

The Perfect Paint Job

In addition to expert skill and immaculate attention to detail, we also have the ability to provide our customers with the ideal car paint in Colorado Springs, CO. Whether you’re trying to match an existing color or you have a hue in mind, we’ll work to match it perfectly. The results will be immaculate, with even tones and a fluid sheen that you’ll be proud to show off.

Paintless Dent Removal

Remember, we also offer paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs, CO! If you’ve got a dent and don’t want to pay for a whole paint job at some other shop, visit us and ask about paintless dent removal. In many cases, we can reverse that dent in your door panel or hood without the need for paint.

Whether you want a custom paint job or are just trying to restore the luster of your auto, Precision Finish is ready to give it the paint job it needs. Contact us today by calling 719-201-3948 to schedule your appointment. Check out some of our work below!