Auto Repair Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Auto Repair Services

If you’ve been in an auto accident, the damage could go beyond just the dents, dings and frame damage you can see. If your engine, transmission or chassis has been affected by the collision, bigger problems are likely brewing. For auto repairs services that go beyond simple car dent repair in Colorado Springs, CO, choose Precision Finish. We’re your one-stop auto repair shop for post-accident repairs in any capacity.

Repairing the Damage You Can’t See

Often, the worst damage from an accident is unseen. An engine knocked off of its mount; a compromised transmission case; a bent control arm; etc. It’s these problems that, if not fixed, will cause major, long-term damage for your vehicle.

Bringing your vehicle to Precision Finish for car repairs after an accident means catching these issues before they profoundly impact your vehicle. Not every auto repair shop in Colorado Springs, CO thinks to check for peripheral damage—we do. We’ll pinpoint damages and provide you with repair quotes fast, so you can make a decision about what your next steps are.

Complete Repair Expertise

Thanks to our many years in business and fully-equipped car repair shop, our team has the ability to repair your vehicle’s damages thoroughly and completely. We don’t cut corners in any of our repairs and we take pride in delivering your car back to you in top-tier condition. We also use OEM parts to help you maintain the status-quo of your specific vehicle.

Don’t Wait for Repairs

A vehicle that’s compromised is a vehicle that will quickly start to rack up other problems. Each unchecked issue can devolve into another, costing you more money to fix over time. Don’t wait to seek comprehensive auto repair services. Let the professionals at Precision Finish help.

Contact us today by calling 719-201-3948 to schedule an appointment for collision, auto body, and general repairs. We’ll observe the scope of car repairs required for your vehicle and provide you with a fair and honest quote upon assessment.